Home Again


Demo Reel
1. Jack In The Box - Facial Expressions, stunt head, on set assistance,
2 & 3. Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge - Contestant
4. Gary the Dragon - Audition piece for Creature Shop Challenge
5. Jeremy and his Pigeon Pals - Complete short film
6. Articulated Creature Mask
7,8,9,10. The Last Scout - Space suits, guns, various.
11. Team Unicorn: For The Win - Dark Helmet cosplay helmet
12. Jack in The Box - Frosty nose insert, on set assistance, etc.
13. Sculpture, various
14, 15. MTV's Death Valley - Various stunt props and practical gore effects, etc.
16. Dead Space: Chase to Death - Practical alien tentacle puppet, On Set blood effects, etc.
17. Gary again
18. Watchmen working Rorschach's Grappling Gun prop (Small run reproduction)
19, 20. Original Creature baby griffin doll


Tina Roland
North Hollywood, CA
Fabrication, Sculpting, Illustration
Contact: tina@biliousworks.com


Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box - Frosty Nose

Jack goes to the Laker's Game

Grappling Gun

Discworld Armor

Tali Zora Costume


Articulated Monster Mask

Small Horns

Large Horns

Space Tentacle Puppet

Tentacle on Set

Dragon Age Inquisition - Cole helmet

Dragon Age Inquisition - Cole's Hat front view

Dragon Age Inquisition - Cole's Hat side view

Woman's Fashion Armor

Woman's Fashion Armor


Discworld AMCW Costume Badge

Demon Face

Baby Griffin - Green

Baby Griffin - Blue

Missing 16 WIP

Mr Fish

Mr Fish



Ink Work



Digital Work

Digital Work